Why Flexpool?

Flexpool is a brand new pool construction technology patented since 2012 and 2015. Flexpool prefabricated pool system is a viable alternative to traditional concrete system. Flexpool enables to built skimmer, overflow, hidden flow, mirror flow, infinity, kids pool and jacuzzis in one system. With not to mention; you can cover pool surface with pvc liner, glass tile, Ceramic tile, Granite tile etc. Flexpool you may built your dream pool right at your backyard.

Durability of components are crucial if its set tol ast long life cycle. Every ingredient of the system are carefuly selected from durable materials which quaranteed to serve long years. Due to this reason, Flexpool isone of the best quality prefabricated pool system on the market today.

Below documents are the design copyrights of Flexpool system, given by patent authorities.