Integrated Pool Cover

FLEXPOOL integrated pool covers make life easier, simpler… Long tradition of pool cover set (lay overpool surface) and packing it always a difficult task. Pool owners usally frustrated by long and heavy wok of lay on and collecting cover, but; not anymore.. FLEXPOOL integrated pool cover is very easy to use and visually unobstructing design concept. FLEXPOOL pool cover is very easy to use, for example; closing the pool takes 20 seconds to be exact.. Same is for the opening the pool; just release the straps and roll the pvc fabric into its place. All components of cover are hidden underneath the deck, there is no visual components

above the deck. Long lasting materials and safety components such as reinforcement straps between to sides of wall (width of pool) secures the system

FLEXPOOL covers protect pool water from foreign objects, dirt, debris, animal and sun light that might pollute the water. FLEXPOOL integrated pool covers can only install in hidden flow system, yet, preinstalled pools need major structural changes to install the system, it is recommended to install at the design phase.. Highly recommended option for hot and dusty climates.. For further information, please view animation on the left.