Flexpool - Havuz İçi Granit Kaplama
Granite Pool Wall Cover

Granite or Travertine Pool Wall Cover

We have wide variety of options on pool wall cover either, granite, digital printed ceramic title (33x66cm) or travertine… You pool will be different than all others, just you name it…

Flexpool - Seramik Kaplama
Ceramic Tile Wall Cover

Ceramic Tile (5x5cm) Cover

Ceramic tile is long history on pool wall covers, but not on prefabricated systems… Not anymore!.. You have wide variety of options to choose from any public brands to cover your pool.

Flexpool - Cam Mozaik Kaplama
Glass Mosaic Tile Cover

Glass Mosaic Tile Cover

Your pool looks no different than any concrete pools by using glass tile mosaic. This durable material is among the best recommended for pool ‘The Feel of Swimming Pool’

Flexpool - Lineer Kaplama
PVC Liner Cover

PVC Liner Wall Cover

PVC liners are widely used by prefabricated pool builders as well as concrete pool contractors, we are no exception on this.

Flexpool uses best PVC Liner in the industry, 1.5mm thick professional grade fabrich öesh pvc liner is destined to serve long years. You may choose plain blue or printed options which may suit your taste.

Güverte Altından Led Şerit Lambalarla Işıklandırma
Neon Led Wall-Wash Strip Lighting

Neon Led Wall-Wash brand new super efficient system that enchance the look of swimming pool.

Amazing option for Flexpool owners.

Flexpool Gizli Taşmalı Havuz
Gizli Taşmalı Hale Getirildi

Skimmerli Bir Havuzun Flexpool Sistemle Gizli Taşmalı Hale Getirilmesi

Flexpool Prefabrik Makine Dairesi
Prefabricated Machinery Bunker

Prefabricated Machinery Room Balance Tank

Easy to install and convenient yo use. Prefabricated bunkers are widely used in pools. These bunkers require small floor area; yet, users do not have to go up-down to control pool equipment on daily base.

Balance tank is also die cast single piece water storage balancing pool water. Polyethilene tank is Leak-free solution for water storage. The down side is storage limited to 10 cubic meter, if needed for larger thanks, it must be made of traditional (Load bearing wall system)

Flexpool Kagir Makine Dairesi
On Sİte Brick Wall Machinery Room/Balence Tank

Custom Made Machinery Room – Balance Tank

In most cases top of machinery room balance tank is used for sun – bathing area or pool deck area. So if space is avaliable, traditional load bearing wall system is best because not only conveient upper deck are, but also spacios area equipments and storage.

Flexpool Gölet Yapımı
Artifical Pond & Lakes

Artifical Pond And Lake

Flexpool is an expertise on artifically created large scale ponds and lakes. Custom made project based works are state of the art water cleaning technics enable crystal clear water at your door. All our works on project based custom made innovatie circulation system avoids algea growth on lake. You may even option for biologic pond(for fish farming) or chemically treated swimming ponds.

Flexpool - Sporcu Havuzları
Cold Therapy Pools

Cold Theraphy Pools

Cold pools are made for sports people who will use after sport events or training program. Water relief muscles and refresh blood circulation. A must have for sport clubs and also for private use who needs treatment.

Flexpool - Rehabilitasyon Havuzları
Therapy Pools

Rehabilitasyon Havuzları

These type of pools are constructed mostly indoors and water is heated for comfort. The pools are good for people who needs therapy (for toddlers to handicapped people) and treatment. Flexpool can built these pools in effective way and fast. We built them on project base for unique needs.

Flexpool - Serapol Olcay Serisi
33x66 cm Serapool Ceramic Tile

Serapool Art Mix Series

You can option 33×66 cm ceramic title instead of Glass mosaic or pvc liner. This is new a product only avaliable with Flexpool prebricated pool system. The end results is SPA style picturesque pools that everyone would love it.

Photovoltaic System

Photovoltaic System

If you love in sunny region why not using photovoltaic system in power supply for your pool. This amazing technology is a solution to energy independence. Capacities are 1 Kwa 1.5 Kwa and 2 Kwa units, cell units are 100×1.60m per unit. We group them 8 unit, 10 unit and 14 unit cells are designed to run pool pump, electronic devices and pool lighting. The system is higly recommended where electric supply not consistent. Brand name CW- Solar Panels Tommatect Inverter, DC cables and connectors, Gel type battery is included in the pack.

Flexpool - Elektrik Panosu
The Power Box - Power Control Unit

The Power Box – Power Control Unit

All devices used in our power box met IP 65 protection standarts. Power box is made of ABS plastic yet all metearials fuses, contactors, life saving devices are leading brand in the industry; such as Schneider electric / Legrand Electirc or ABB brands. The system automation enables to turn of and off pool pumps automatically, so you don’t have to worry if its on or off. Pool lightning is at your fingertips, you can turn on and off ight with remote control unit at any time you want… 

Flexpool - Makine Dairesi ve Denge Deposu Kapağı
Makine Dairesi ve Denge
Deposu Kapağı

Makine Dairesi ve Denge Deposu Kapağı

Makine dairesi ve denge deposu kapaklarını polyesterden yapıyoruz hem hafif hem de pas yapmıyor. Makina dairesi gemici merdiveni de polyesterden mamul olup pasa ve çürümeye dayanıklıdır. Talebinize göre bu kolaylıklar da havuzunuzda kullanmak ister misiniz?